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Eric Kapitulik, is a well-known and well-respected leader, coach and teammate. He served in the United States Marine Corps as both an Infantry Officer and Special Operations Officer with 1st Force Reconnaissance Company, 1st Marine Division. As a Platoon Commander within his company, Eric led a team of 20 covert operations specialists on numerous Special Forces-related missions.

After leaving active duty, Eric founded The Program in 2008 with the purpose of developing better leaders and creating more cohesive teams.He and his team use battle-tested military principles learned in elite military organizations to help executives, athletes and entrepreneurs develop their leadership skills so they can achieve and maintain peak performance in their various roles.

As a leadership trainer and coach, Eric and his team work with most of the top college sports teams in the country and well as leading businesses.

In this episode we talked about Eric’s biggest regret, why he decided to leave investment banking at Goldman Sachs to start his own firm, some of the leadership development lessons he learned from the Marines and how executives can accomplish any goal by simply taking disciplined actions everyday.

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