The Physics Of Action

How do you create the life of your dreams?

How do you start that dream business or strike up a conversation with that fine girl or handsome guy?

It all starts with Action.

Action is a self-perpetuating force that is inexhaustible.

In order to create something or become someone you need to take action.

Life does not automatically manifest just because we pray or wish it into existence.

We can’t substitute prayer and positive affirmations which are foundational principles for a first order principle.

To get what you and I want, we have to get into the habit of doing, doing the doings and doing what doers do.

Which is a long-winded way of saying get moving.

Our results & achievements are guaranteed by consistent action.

If you have any unfinished projects that you’ve put off for some time, or if you have a phone call, email, text or conversation you need to have with either your friend, spouse, employer or employee.

I think it’s about time for you to make that first move and take action.

Let’s see what happens.

Regardless of the outcome, you’ll probably have something to talk about by the time you’re reading my next blog post :).

So don’t delay, do it today.

There might not be a tomorrow.


Chi “Man Of Action” Odogwu.

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