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“We've been profiled in several media publications including podcasts, virtual summits, online web publications and print media. You'll find links to majority of them below .”

Chi Odogwu


B2B Sales Mastery Summit

I'm grateful to be presenting a keynote address at the global digital marketing online summit on July 11, 2018

Global Digital Marketing Summit

I'm grateful to be presenting a keynote address at the global digital marketing online summit on July 11, 2018

Mid Atlantic Podcast Conference

Podcasting is my favorite activity. I'm thrilled to be presenting at MAPCON in NJ in September 2018.

Jolt Digital Marketing Training Tel Aviv

The Jolt team approached me to train a group of high flying Israeli tech entrepreneurs.

Jolt Digital Marketing Training New York

I was delighted to train over 30 Mompreneurs from several Fortune 500 companies on how to market their side hustle on a budget.

RCCG Youth Entrepreneurship Program

At this event i helped train over 300 young entrepreneurs on how to market their businesses on the internet.

Florida State University 

I was invited to train/speak to a group of MBA students at the FSU school of business.

College Of Medicine  
 University Of Lagos

I was invited to train/speak to a group of graduating radiology students on the entrepreneurial mindset.

Startup Port Harcourt

I helped train a group of young entrepreneurs on digital marketing and personal development principles.


12 Minute convos

Engel Jones

how to lose money

Paul Moore & Josh Thomas.

The Robert plank show

Robert Plank.

dream business radio

Jim Palmer.

Online Success Journey

Patience Nyasingire

Work AT Home rockstar

the business podcast

Joe Pardo

the bulletproof entrepreneur

I host this show.

The Blind Entrepreneur 

Jonathan Grzybowski 

The Fierce entrepreneur

Cindy Rodriguez

influential entrepreneurs

Mike Saunders


Joe Pardo

HR & Career

Aldeen Simmonds Thorpe 

GTA Business Titans

Chi Odogwu

influential entrepreneurs

Mike Saunders

Your Marriage Journey

Toyosi Erogbogbo


​Oscar Cecena

​Get Published

​Paul Brodie

​Business Beauty Network

​Brandi Taylor

​Build A better Business

​Jamie Irvine

​Audacious leaders

​Nancy Jonker

​Thoughtful Entrepreneur

​Josh Elledge

​independent podcasters

Joe Pardo




Huff post

thrive global

good men project


addicted 2 success


entrepreneur's hand

Main Benefits of Working With Chi

Your Marketing Secret Weapon

My ultimate goal is to see my clients get 10X the value of their investment in me. That means i dont consider myself a success until my clients succeed.

Every consulting engagement is specifically designed to deliver actionable items that can be put into practice so that the direct results speak for themselves. Many consultants fail provide training and information but do not give the clients the missing ingredient that leads to succcess.

I make sure that you have a roadmap that will take you from where you are to where you need to be without any ambiguity 


Precise Deliverables

You get a concrete action plan that is plug and play. 


Bottom Line Improvement

Every engagement is designed to have a positive impact on your revenues.


Reduced Financial Risk

Hiring a consultant has a lower financial risk compared to hiring an in-house employee. You get a wealth of experience for a fraction of the costs without added training expense or learning curve.



I'll come to you and work with your team.  No politics, no hidden agendas, no sacred  cows. 


Marketing Consultant

The most consistent way to profit from your knowledge and expertise is to be able to turn yourself into a category of one.  You attract your ideal customers, eliminate substitutes and command premium pricing


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