The Negotiation Secrets Of The World’s Leading Kidnap & Ransom Negotiators

Co Founder of ADN Group

Marwan Mery is the co-founder of ADN Group, The Agency Of Professional Negotiators. He and his co-founder Laurent Combalbert lead a team of professional negotiators who help corporations, government organizations, high networth Individuals, and NGOs  resolve complex negotiations and crisis situations at an over 90% success rate.

Their expertise is in conducting, assisting, and supervising over a hundred complex negotiations a year, around the world including crisis cases, kidnap and ransom negotiations, social conflict, commercial negotiation, diplomatic relations, patient-physician relations (where, for example, a patient refuses to comply with their treatment) and more.)

As a result of their work at ADN Group, Laurent & Marwan have been invited to speak at several conferences, provide advice on media outlets like CNN, train several security agencies on crisis negotiation, and served as the inspiration for the hit CBS TV Show Ransom.


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