Martyn R Lewis Shares Why Customers Aren’t Buying From You

Martyn R. Lewis is an acclaimed business professional with a vast background in all aspects of revenue generation. Born and educated in the UK, he emigrated to Canada in the 1980 and now resides in the Sonoma area of northern California. Prior to founding his own company, he had extensive executive management, sales and marketing experience. His positions included President and CEO for Drake International, North America, where he led a large, multi-divisional sales force to reverse a declining trend to growing the business at more than three times the rate of the industry. Prior to Drake, Martyn was with Digital Equipment of Canada for ten years. During his tenure at DEC he led several hundred sales professionals, culminating in the position of VP Marketing and Sales Services.

Martyn has consulted in 33 countries with the result that his work has been used across 44 countries, in 17 languages, and has impacted over 85,000 sales professionals. He is internationally recognized as an extraordinary speaker, having delivered numerous keynote addresses live, on radio and television and he is a pioneer in utilizing webinar technology through his sister company, 3GS. Martyn acts as an advisor to a number of executives in the high technology industry and is active on several advisory boards and boards of directors. On a personal note, Martyn lives in Northern California wine country where he enjoys the local food and beverages. He also enjoys music, cooking, hiking and the performing arts and has a particular passion for airplanes and English sports cars. He gained his first pilots license at 16 and has maintained a lifelong interest in aviation. He now flies his own plane combining his passion for aviation with his love of dogs by flying rescue dogs for charity.

He also coaches and mentors young adults into the business world and works with young entrepreneurs in the townships of Johannesburg with the Ubuntu Mission.


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