Gary Morton Teaches You How To Develop A High Performance Culture By Harnessing The Excellence Of Your Team

Gary Morton is a distinguished author, keynote speaker and best selling author. His new book   “Commanding Excellence: Inspiring Purpose, Passion, and Ingenuity through Leadership that Matters.”  narrates  his experiences working with high performance teams.

As a distinguished graduate of West Point, Morton learned firsthand how to deliver exceptional results. Then as a platoon leader and tank commander in Army Task Force 4-68 and later, as a young vice president at the medical device manufacturer Stryker, he trained under two legendary leaders who, despite their different styles, followed nearly the same steps to achieve results which most considered unattainable.

In today’s episode Gary is going to teach you how to create a high performance culture in your organization by leveraging time tested and battle hardened principles.

You’ll also learn the following.

Establishing absolute clarity of purpose

Empowering an obsession to achieve a goal

How to unleash creativity, focused on reaching the peak

Transforming the worst performing unit in the U.S. army

The importance of having a clear and specific purpose

Outside-in thinking

Strategies for cracking well-guarded markets

How being different can be your competitive advantage

Gary’s Commanding Excellence book

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Gary’s website –

Gary’s book: “Commanding Excellence: Inspiring Purpose, Passion, and Ingenuity through Leadership that Matters”


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