Dave Ramos Shares How To Unleash The Accelerative Power Alignment

CEO of Shiftpoints

Dave Ramos is an author, speaker, and CEO of SHIFTPOINTS, Inc. He is good at lots of things but is great at helping companies unleash the accelerating power of alignment. Prior to founding SHIFTPOINTS, Dave applied his passion for alignment in a broad range of settings, including large global corporations, venture-backed start-ups, and innovative nonprofits.

Mr. Ramos's expertise lies in helping numerous companies and organizations around the world improve their alignment, so they can dramatically outperform their competitors in 3 main areas i.e. revenue growth, employee engagement and customer engagement.

As a result of his work at SHIFTPOINTS, Dave receives numerous invitations to speak at conferences, advices CEOs on issues concerning organizational alignment, trains leadership teams at several non profit organizations and is a frequent guest of several media outlets.


Book - Drive One Direction


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