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Are you tired spending too much money on online marketing without seeing results?

Every smart business owner has heard that you need to spend money on marketing in order to find clients and sell your products & services. But the truth is, many "online marketers" out there are no better at marketing than a blind-folded monkey is better at hitting the bulls-eye on a dart board.

Eventually, you dear business owner end up losing thousands of dollars on your marketing investment because "Mr. Hot-Shot Marketer" can't drive qualified leads you need to turn "clicks into customers". It really sucks when you  can't make sales and keep your business afloat.

I know the feeling. I spent close to $10,000 on a marketing agency that promised me they could generate traffic and sales for my first e-commerce startup. Do you know what i got for my $10K ? A big fat goose egg. We didn't get one single sale. In fact, the only sale we made from "online marketing" was as a result of a comment i made on a forum where e-commerce entrepreneurs hung out.  

I had to shut my company down after 9 months of valiantly trying to make a sale. Fifty thousand of Uncle Sam's  United States Of America dollars, flushed down the drain.  

I'm not gonna lie, it hurt. I had failed. A smart guy like me, with degrees from fancy pants American universities could not make a success of my business. They say grown men don't cry but, screw that. I cried like a five year-old. Tears and snot and everything.

After a few weeks of wallowing in self pity i had had enough of feeling sorry for myself. I resolved that come hell or high water i would make a comeback. Not wanting to write-off my $50K investment completely i did what any well trained management consultant would do. 

I analyzed every square inch of my business in order to figure out what went wrong. Once i honed in on the fact that 80% of the cause of the failure of my business was due to inadequate marketing i smiled. I knew that if i could upgrade my marketing skills i could be 100% responsible for the success of my next business.

I spent the last $500 i had at the time on 5 pdfs on marketing written by the legendary Jay Abraham "The world's supreme marketing strategist". I read each pdf from cover to cover and learned how to marketing properly. At the same time i observed that podcasting was on the rise and that major brands where leveraging podcasting to grow their reach and their business.

With my newly acquired knowledge and my experience as a podcaster, I positioned myself as a marketing consultant. I landed my first client in a relatively short time and within 22 days of working together my client closed one of the biggest deals in their company's history.

And the rest as they say is history. I now consult with clients from around the world, speak at conferences on marketing, train business owners and executives on the use of new media like podcasting and Facebook advertising as an engine for business growth.

I've turned my life around, my clients have benefitted significantly  and i think i can help you leverage podcast marketing "the fastest growing marketing channel at the moment"  to build your business and change your life.


Benefits Of Podcast Marketing


Get qualified inbound leads

No more cold calling or dialing for dollars. Instead you will attract qualified customers who want to do business with you.


Command premium prices

Position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche! We naturally assign higher value, celebrity and credibility to people who are featured in the media.


Never ending traffic

Unlike many forms of media exposure podcasts are evergreen and exist forever. You can leverage your podcast appearances into features in traditional media, lucrative book deals and more.


Close deals faster

 People love to buy from people they know, like and trust. Nothing inspires trust and familiarity faster than learning something from an "authoritative teacher". Your recommendations will be accepted with little resistance and your sales cycle will shorten dramatically..


Get instant access to Podcast Influencer now!

I can help you set up your podcasting system in 21 days using my proven Podcast Influencer system. Please email me on [email protected] for more information.

Fans Of Podcasting As A Business Growth Engine

No more cold calling and prospecting!

Phil spent over $10,000 hiring a team to cold call local business owners in order to drum up leads for his SEO & Web Design business. He didn't make a single sale. After starting his Local Business Leaders podcast,  he was able to get potential clients to come on his show and thus far has been able to close 80% of his guests to become paying customers.


Over 354 podcast interviews and counting

A little over 18 months ago Heather was asked to come on a podcast to share her story. Two weeks after the episode aired,  she was contacted by a listener who wanted hire her as a coach. This has happened every single time she interviewed on a podcast. Needless to say after appearing on over 300 podcasts as a guest, she's a die-hard fan of podcasting. Heather has even started 2 podcasts and been able to leverage her appearances into paid speaking gigs, radio syndication and more.

HEATHER HAVENWOOD  //  Entrepreneur

Podcasts have helped me book paid consulting gigs around the world

I've made over $300,000 as a direct result of podcasting.

KIMANZI CONSTABLE  //  International Consultant

What our clients are saying:

A small team with a big reputation

Chi helped us grow our agency into a recruiting powerhouse. With a small team and little money, we are now one of the preferred agents for several leading universities and institutions  from around the world in large part due to how we were able to position ourselves by leveraging podcasting and Facebook advertising 

MICHAEL AGGREY  //  CEO St. Michaels Educational Agency

The best kinds of testimonials are organic

After consulting with Chi and his team we were able to confidently acquire a failing franchisee's business and expand into a territory covering London's most lucrative neighborhood. Our growth was due to how we were able to run targeted online  and offline ads that positioned us as more than

LORETTA O.  //  Franchisee Maid2Clean West London

From one small location to 7 offices over 16 months

Chi helped us setup our online and offline marketing engine. We were able to get content partnership agreement in place with the largest real estate website in West Africa. As a result we were able to attract franchisees to buy into the business and expand our reach across 7 distinct geographic markets. The guy really knows his stuff.


Educare is now the leading LMS platform in West Africa.

We were able to grow our reach due to the strategies and advice Chi helped us implement. He's been a valuable member of our advisory board.

ALEX ONYIA  //  CEO Educare Learning Systems

Podcast Consulting 

Canada's Podcast Consultants: We help businesses launch podcasts that create better engagement with their customers and close more deals.

Benefits Of Podcasting For Business

Here are some of the benefits my corporate clients have experienced by including podcasting in their marketing stack.



Traffic generation - Imagine getting targeted traffic for less than the price a cup of coffee.  Prices that can best be described as paying 2006 CPC rates for google adwords



Build relationships with your audience - Engagement is a much more profitable metric than number of followers. engaged followers buy often and are very low maintenance.



Improve your public speaking skills 



Increase conversions on the sales of products and services. 



Build personal relationships with influencers. 



Create a content stack that can be implemented without much follow on work.

CHI ODOGWU  //  Founder

Hi! My name is Chi Odogwu and I'm the founder of Odogwu Media Group

I'm an advisor, author, consultant, podcaster, producer, speaker and teacher.

I help entrepreneurs become celebrity authorities using podcasting so that they can attract inbound leads, close deals and command premium prices.

Chi Odogwu

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