Work With Chi

Coaching and Consulting for High Performers

I love sharing my knowledge and expertise with accomplished authors, entrepreneurs,  companies and startups that are looking to improve their performance and achieve lasting success. I offer speaking, consulting and coaching engagements  that are fluff free, action-packed sessions that will help you reach your desired goals in record time. My areas of focus are:

  1. Maximizing Digital Marketing – Helping individuals/businesses achieve growth and exposure through strategic placement in new media i.e. podcasts and building lasting relationships with clients via content & email marketing and generating high quality leads with Facebook Advertising. My proprietary Bulletproof Interactive Response System leverages those four pillars. To bring you consistent high quality leads.
  2. Entrepreneurship – Helping new entrepreneurs, authors, solopreneurs and corporate escapees overcome challenges in their entrepreneurial journey.
  3. Entrepreneurial Mindset – The people are the most valuable assets in an organization. But many companies are suffering because their employees are disengaged from their work. I know this because i experienced it first hand and have worked with corporations and entrepreneurs who are seeing this phenomenon. The best way to help your business combat this problem is to arm your employees with the tools they need to develop the entrepreneurial mindset. When your employees think like entrepreneurs they’ll be more productive and treat their job like they would treat their business. The reward is, the corporate bottom line increases, your employees personal satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment increases and everyone makes more money.
  4. Podcasting – Podcasting is a secret weapon you can deploy to beat your competitors. You can create stronger engagement with your customers and employees, share testimonials and insights, and build connections with potential partners with just a laptop and a microphone. I can show you how i’ve done this in my business with my highly rated show “The Bulletproof Entrepreneur” . The results i’ve obtained in my business and in the business of my clients are repeatable and systematic. I can show you and your employees how to leverage the power of podcasts to increase your relational and financial assets.
  5. Diversity –  This is subject that many companies are afraid to touch with a 12 Mile pole. The demographic and psychographic profile of the workplace has changed thanks to the rise of millennials. If you want to maximize the impact of your millennial workforce in your business you need to know how to approach “The Diversity Dilemma“.

These are the available options for working with me:

  • Remote
    • Skype and Email Consultations:  The combined skype and email consultations are tailored to meet your needs.  There’s a minimum 1-month commitment term.
  • In-person

    • Full-day Business Strategy Session: I’ve spent years in management consulting dissecting businesses as a valuation expert for big-name private equity firms and Fortune 500 companies. If you have a business problem and don’t have the funds to hire a big name management consulting firm,  I can help you deep dive your issues and propose strategies for obtaining results. You  are responsible for my travel and accommodation expenses.
    •  Follow-up Calls: After our initial work, I’m available for follow-up calls and implementation jam sessions. I’m not one of those consultants who’ll just leave you in the cold. Your success is my success. The follow-up sessions are available for up to 6 months.


If you’re interested, please reach out to me at [email protected]