Greg Edwards From Thug Notes Teaches You How To Be Create On Demand


Greg Edwards is a fast rising comedian based out of Los Angeles California. Born and raised in Newport News, Virginia, he discovered his comedic talents early and with the support of his family moved West to pursue his ambition of becoming a stand up comedian.

He’s known for his his distinctive voice, one-liners, fearless views and thoughts on the social commentary in America. He currently stars as “Sparky Sweets, PhD” in the critically-acclaimed youtube web series, Thug Notes.

In the show, he uses street language to distill, disect, analyze and summarize classic literature. He’s a fixture on the comedy scene and has worked with comedians like Dave Chappelle, Paul Mooney, Patrice O’Neal, Damon Wayans, Bill Bellamy, W. Kamau Bell and many more. In addition to starring in thug notes, he hosts a weekly free comedy show, “The Workout Room” and “Blame It On Social Media” I’m pleased to have him on the show today to discuss, his life, occupation, social justice issues, UFOs, relationships, and the art of being creative on demand.

In this episode we talk about everything from sports,comedy, dealing with the police, UFO encounters, advice for aspiring comedians and creative artists, the evolution of education  and lots more. So listen intently and take plenty of notes.

Thug Notes

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