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Thank God They Stole His Bike

In this episode of the Chi Odogwu show i talk about why you need to love everything that happens to you. The trajectory of your life and the course of history can be affected by the seemingly mundane and pedestrian events that occur in daily life. Billy Crystal’s Ali tribute.

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Interview With Mauritian Entrepreneur Nalini Aubeeluck

In today’s episode, we chat with the an undisputed master of creativity. Nalini Aubeeluck is a serial entrepreneur who has started several successful ventures in her native Mauritius.  A classically trained dancer, Nalini started the Nalini Dance School after spotting a gap in the entertainment sector. She soon grew the business to become the leading […]

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CHI 031- How To Launch A Successful Non-Tech Start-Up With Charles Okeibunor of IRMP

Charles Okeibunor Charles Okeibunor Founder & CEO of IRMP In today’s episode, we chat with Charles Okeibunor ( aka “TheWorkplace Transformer”) the founder of IRMP, a world-class workplace development program that teaches unique methods on how to manage and resolve conflicts that arise from interpersonal misunderstandings in the workplace. A qualified lawyer by profession, he […]

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