Why Assets Not Time Equal Money

You and I have been told lies about making money. The biggest lie sold is that “Time Is Money”.

Well, If that were true then why aren’t lawyers, consultants and other professionals who bill on an hourly basis, not centimillionaires and billionaires?

The best of them are  millionaires at most. The really shrewd ones of the lot  leverage their millions by purchasing or creating assets.

And that’s what you should start doing. Investing your time to create assets that make money for you while you sleep.

It’s been done for 100’s of years in real estate. A developer uses her time and resources to build the asset once, and it makes money for her forever.

Asset creation and Marketing are the ultimate leverage on your time. But because many people don’t have the enormous capital required to start buying property, they feel they cannot create assets. Well, they’re wrong.

Now is the easiest time to create assets. If you can write a book, record a podcast or video, create an online course, grow an enormous social media following, code a piece of software guess what, you’ve created an asset.

And that asset will make money for you for as long as the information is relevant to solving problems.

I’ve recorded a short video discussing the 7 reasons why you need to create and sell digital products/assets as part of your business portfolio.

These assets entirely passive and earn a nice income for you forever. All you need to do is create and market them.

You can watch the video
HERE >>>>>>> 7 REASONS<<<<<<<<<<.

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