About Chi

Hi, I’m Chi. I’m the founder and lead consultant of Odogwu Media Group. OMG is a strategic new media agency that helps companies, entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders grow their credibility, influence, and income by using digital marketing and new media technologies.

My team and I have helped our clients grow their revenues  through implementing strategies  that  attract high-quality leads, close deals fasters and command premium pricing of their products and services.

Life gets real

But I wasn't always a sales, marketing, and business growth guy. In fact, a long, long time ago, in lands far far away (lol ok more like NYC, Boston, Lagos, and London) I started my career in the corporate finance and management consulting. But like most people who caught the “entrepreneurship virus” early in life I wanted more than just punching the 9 to 5 card till I’m 65 and then retire with a fully loaded 401K and a gold watch.

I started a few ventures on the side. Some of my experiments did well, but most of them failed. But with each failed business I learned something new that i could apply to the next company.

It wasn't until mid-2015 when I decided I would put in serious work to build my own business. I launched a podcast called “The Bulletproof Entrepreneur” which debuted at #2 on the iTunes New & Noteworthy list for roughly 15 weeks after its launch.

I started consulting with clients on issues relating to digital marketing, sales, and business development and more.

My work gave me some celebrity status and exposure which led to teaching & speaking engagements at several conferences with audiences ranging from 100 to over 3,000.

Some of the events I participated in include the Global Digital Marketing Summit, Mid Atlantic Podcast Conference and RCCG Youth Entrepreneurship Program. I was also fortunate to train executives in India, Jamaica, Israel, and Nigeria on how to use digital marketing and podcasting as a business development engine.

As a result of my passion for sharing knowledge, I have the honor of receiving invitations to contribute to several publications like Influencive, The Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, The Good Men Project, Marketing Insiders, Mogul and more.

 In addition to contributing articles, I speak as a guest expert on many popular podcasts. Some of the shows I've appeared on include The Blind Entrepreneur, Influential Entrepreneurs, Start Fierce, Marketer Of The Day, How To Lose Money, Startup Circle and more.

All these opportunities and the exposure are proof that if I can create the life I want by putting in the work even when I didn't feel like it or was dealing with difficult personal circumstances, then there is nothing stopping you from taking the bull by the horns and making your dream happen.

One team, one goal

Whether you’re a CEO of a large company or a small business owner or solopreneur, my goal is to help you take advantage of new media strategies and tactics that will position you and your company as the preeminent leader in your market.

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Organizations have entrusted Chi Odogwu to transform their executives & leaders to sought after thought leaders in the business world.
Valiant Media has delivered lasting, measurable results to companies around the world and is now poised to help Canadian executives experience the same level of growth.

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