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About The Founder

After obtaining a bachelors and masters degree in Finance, Chi spent the early part of his career working as a business development manager for a startup C--fakepath-chibuzor (2)consultancy based out of Connecticut.

He later transitioned to a Big 4 accounting firm. In the course of working with numerous companies in the tech space, he launched his first drop ship e-commerce website.Through a process of trial and error and by learning on the job, Chi obtained hands-on experience in e-commerce and received mentorship from some of the stars of e-commerce in the United States.


He subsequently launched The Bulletproof Entrepreneur podcast where he interviews successful young entrepreneurs across the globe. The show has been rated #2 on the iTunes New & Noteworthy list for roughly 15 weeks after its launch.

It now has frequent listeners in over 100 countries (43 African nations and 57 from the Rest of the World).He continues to run the podcast which serves thousands of entrepreneurs monthly.

After leaving his full-time job in 2015, Chi decided to devote his efforts to building online businesses, consulting with clients and educating & mentoring up and coming entrepreneurs.